A Very Owlbear Crit-Mas Party

/ Dec

A Very Owlbear Crit-Mas Party

07:00 pm - 10:00 pm

A Very Owlbear Crit-Mas Party

It’s a Crit-Mas Celebration!

Come enjoy these special Candlenights with your Atlanta D&D community! We’ll have food, drink, and lots of Crit-Mas cheer!

Join us on Saturday, December 15th at Edgewood Speakeasy, behind the bookcase in Bone Lick Southern Kitchen, for some real Crit-Mas magic!

White Dragon Gift Exchange
Be someone’s Secret Silvanus and bring a wrapped gift for our White Dragon Gift Exchange ($20 maximum) at 8:30PM!

Guests will take turns selecting to either unwrap a new gift or attempt to sleight-of-hand a previously opened gift.

Gift exchange is completely optional. To participate please bring a wrapped gift, preferably in the $10 to $20 range.

Merry Crit-Mas Everyone!
The event is free to attend – please feel free to bring friends, family, and other loved ones!

Thank you for being part of our Atlanta D&D Family!