Alley Cat Music w/ Randall M

/ Dec

Alley Cat Music w/ Randall M

10:00 pm

Randall M
Vatos Locos, tINI and the gang, Thirteen records

Randall M is one of Techno’s fastest rising stars, his unique DJ style has made him a favorite amongst the heavy hitters like tiNi, Steve Lawler, Richie Hawtin and Nicky Curly who have all added him to their party line ups in ibiza. Most recently he has joined Hector’s label Vatos Locos and has also started his own vinyl label called “thirteen”. He’s been the talk of the underground with a stand out performance this year at Rhadoo’s Sunwaves festival in Romania. He has been a favorite of ours and always gives a more than memorable performance when he comes! We are beyond excited!

Opening set: ALEXANDER

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$15 for non-members

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