Crazy P at the Music Room

/ Sep

Crazy P at the Music Room

10:00 pm

Crazy P at the Music Room
Friday September 27th 2019

Earthtone Soundsytem presents
CRAZY P (Dj Set)
Josh Hughey (Earthtone Soundsystem)

CRAZY P: Fusing slinky underground disco, deep electronic throbs, shimmering pop moments; this is dance music with a voice, a heart, and soul. Crazy P have managed to both uphold the heritage of soul, musicianship and songwriting that is an essential part of the fabric of house and disco. They stay current, letting those fundamental elements of the sound inform and mark out their take on the club floors and younger audiences that they consistently turn inside out. Their never diminishing love of a dancefloor sits firmly alongside their immaculate craft of writing and production.