Deep South w/ Manu Marin

/ Aug

Deep South w/ Manu Marin

10:00 pm

Deep South is proud to welcome Manu Miran to Atlanta for the first time!

Manu Miran (Visceral, BOS)
Brian Rojas (Deep South)
Esme (La Choloteca)

Hosted By:
Kiki Slaytana
Faielle Stocco
Josephine Figueroa
Alli Royce Soble
Danyale Taylor
Rocky The Mermaid
Paege Turner
Pure Joy
Kenneth Figueroa
Brian Pollard
Bryan Lee


10 b4 midnight
12 after
NOTAFLOF DM me for list

We ask for no photography at Deep South

This event is strictly Password protected. This event has zero tolerance for homophobia, transphobia, racism, misogyny, sexism, classism. You will be removed if you disrespect anyone in the space. Me or any Deep South host will have you removed if you harass or threaten any one in any way. No one is to be touched without consent and such behavior will have you removed from the Deep South welcome list. ZERO TOLERANCE! We have queer and queer friendly security as well as bar staff and owners. If you feel unsafe at anytime find me or any one of the hosts, or door person, or bar staff. The restrooms will be non gendered on Deep South nights and there will not be any incense burning. Come correct or don’t come at all. See you on the dance floor. ♥