DM Fight Club: Learn to Dungeon Master

/ Dec

DM Fight Club: Learn to Dungeon Master

02:30 pm

DM Fight Club Rules:

First rule: Tell everyone you know about DM Fight Club.
Second rule: Ironically, no fighting – be supportive of new DMs and provide only solicited constructive feedback.
Third rule: If it’s your first time at DM Fight Club you must run a game.
And remember Rule Zero: The DM is always right.

Ready to try your hand at DMing? Want to share tips and tricks with new DMs and help them run their first game?

Then join us every Second Saturday at Edgewood Speakeasy at 2:30 PM to learn how to DM or to help teach new DMs how to run games! We’ll be providing both new and experienced DMs with challenges and tips to help them improve their games.

Experienced and new game-masters of all systems and settings are welcome! We’ll have opportunities for DMs of all skill levels to learn, practice, and play improvisational games of D&D and other tabletop RPGs in a supportive, low-stakes environment.

So if you know someone that wants to learn to DM – remember the First rule of DM Fight Club.